About Our Farm

Our ponies are kept alongside a beef suckler herd, which is where a calf is left on its mum for about nine months and then sold. Having bred New Forest ponies for several years we decided to downsize and miniature Shetlands were the obvious choice. We strive to breed true to type foals of good confirmation with particular attention to temperament, as a great number of miniature shetlands become a child's first contact with ponies. They also make wonderful companions and are obviously a lot cheaper and easier to manage than a big horse. We sell a lot of foals to showing homes and several have been exported abroad to Ireland and Europe.

We have a wide range of colours, with a preference for duns and roans. We particularly like the New Park bloodlines as they are solid well-boned types. Our foundation stallion New Park McDuff sadly died in 2005, but we have retained some of his fillies. Southsands honeypot, nicknamed Teddy, has now retired, but you will notice he appears in several of our mares pedigrees. He is enjoying his old age with a suitability old mare!

Our stallions are very quiet and easy to handle and this lovely laid back attitude is being passed on to our foals.

Wotknotts Squirrel Nutkin has given us some lovely well boned foals with a good mixture of colours and great laid back temperaments.

Eiger Noah is a tiny golden dun stallion, extremely friendly with Kerswell on both sides of his pedigree. He produced two foals in his first year, which were both tiny, chunky and show quality, so we are hoping for more lovely foals to come.

We have a small herd of miniature Mediterranean donkeys , most of which have been imported from the United States , with the stallion coming over from Ireland. They are extremely friendly, love attention and have a very calm attitude. Miniature donkeys are for obvious reasons not as hardy as our ponies (they originate from a desert climate) and they don't like the rain, which has been rather trying this last year as we are only a few miles from the Somerset levels, but we have plenty of barn space so they were tucked up there for most of the winter.

To see this year's gorgeous foals, see our 'for sale' page